COVID-19 Information for Tenino Families

Tenino schools will be closed until further notice.

Letter to Families


Dear Tenino Families,

This letter is to keep you informed about the plan to reopen schools in September.

Today the District received a letter from the Thurston County Department of Public Health which essentially closes schools to in person general instruction. This means we will not be providing on-site face-to-face instruction in September. The Health Department’s decision is based on the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in the county.

While we are disappointed and saddened for our students, the only option is to provide online instruction beginning September 9, 2020. Anticipating the requirement to be fully online we have been working to improve our online learning program. We have learned much from our experience these past few months and are committed to providing a much-improved learning experience. 

Below are some highlights of Tenino Online Learning:

  1. Students will be assigned to a Tenino School District teacher or teacher team who will instruct and facilitate the online learning.
  2. The curriculum will be aligned to our state and local standards.
  3. Families will receive a weekly plan that spells out the content and assignments for the week. Each school will send out their plan on the same day each week.
  4. We will be using Google Classroom as the consistent online platform for parent communication and student assignments K-12.
  5. We will provide training for students, parents, and staff on how to effectively use Google Classroom.
  6. Students will receive a combination of scheduled real-time and recorded instruction. Depending on the subject and grade level, additional online resources will be used. In addition, teachers will establish office hours for students needing to check-in or to receive individual support.
  7. Student assignments and tests will count towards their final grade.
  8. Students with an Individual Education Plan will be contacted by their case manager/teacher.
  9. The District will work with families who have need a Chromebook and/or have limited or no online access to ensure their students are able to access the curriculum.
  10. Students will have the option of participating in after school activities and sports when and if they become available.
  11. Student attendance in online leaning will be taken daily as required by the state.

I understand families will have additional questions as we move forward. Now that we have a specific direction each school will provide you with additional specific information about your student’s program.

Finally, make sure your students are registered for school. This will allow them to access the online program. This is especially important for kindergarten so we can accurately provide staffing for next year.

Thank you for your assistance and patience. We hope to see everyone soon..

Stay safe and well,

Joe Belmonte, Superintendent
Tenino School District

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