Welcome to the Tenino School District

We feel honored to welcome parents, teachers, district staff, and the 1,300 students to our Tenino School District. For generations the Tenino School District has been the educational home to students across our community as well as a critical part of what makes our community a great place to live. We would like to extend a special welcome and a heartfelt thank you for the trust that you have placed in us.

The Tenino School District has a strong staff with a commitment to excellence. Our purpose is to provide each student the best education possible. To this end, the district has added additional world language and honors programs at the high school and art at the elementary and middle schools. All of this ensures that every student succeeds – academically, co-curricularly, and social-emotionally. This success is our highest priority.

We look forward to you being a part of our Tenino School District family. We hope you become involved in our schools and community.

The Boys And Girls Club Tenino Location! 

The Tenino branch of the Boys and Girls Club opened at Tenino Elementary School in the fall of the 2016-17 school year. Scholarships are available for both before school care and the after school club activities for qualifying families. For important updates and registration information, please visit our Tenino club Facebook page. If you have questions about our program, please contact Shellica Trevino, director of operations, at (360) 956-0755.

New Online Features

To better serve students and families in Tenino, the Tenino School District now offers:

24-Hour Threat Reporting
Hotline: (888) 287-6157

If you are aware of a potential threat of violence or suicide, please call this number to report it. The line is staffed 24 hours a day, and your call can be anonymous.

  • Report threats of violence
  • Report potential suicide
  • Calls can be anonymous
  • Information is reported directly to school administrators