Tenino School District will now be offering Soy Milk for those students with lactose intolerance. Soy Milk will be offered to all students who prefer soy milk over cows milk. 

We are now offering a Vegetarian Meal for those students who prefer Vegetarian Options. 

We are happy to announce that we are accepting on line Free and Reduced applications.

Start with Family Access with your name  and password. 

Select one of your students from the drop down list. Do not leave at all students or you will not be able to access Application link. 

Select Food Service from the left, Click Applications and then click Add Application.

Step 1: List all Legal names of students living with you that attend Tenino School District. 

    If any child your are applying for is classified as Homeless, Migrant or Foster, select the checkbox for that child. Although children in this category may automatically qualify for free meals, you must continue filling out the application. 

Enter information in the Legal Name, Date of Birth, School, and Grade boxes for each child in your household who attends school in the district. 

If any child receives any income list this in the income box and how often paid.

Click Next

Step 2: If any household members (including yourself) currently participate in one or more of the following Basic Food, TANF, or FDPIR, check which box and enter your case number. If you provide a case number you are not required to fill out the Gross Income Section. Go to Step 4

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Step 3: List all names of other household members and any income they contribute. 

In the name box, enter the name of the adults and children who live in your household but are not in school.

List all of other members income and how often they are paid. If they have no income, enter Zero in the income section. 

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Step 4:  Enter the total number of household members residing in your home. 

Enter the last 4 digits of the Social Security number of the parent/guardian completing the online application. Check box if No Social Security Number. 

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Step 5: Enter your name in the box and select the Click Sign link. This link will have you read and select one of two options. 

The application cannot be submitted without an electronic signature. 

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Step 6: is Optional

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The final step is to review the information you entered on the application and submit to the district Food Service Department for processing Once the application is complete, you can submit it. 

Select the Print button if you would like a copy of the application. 

Once the application is sent you will receive the pop up message indicating it was successfully submitted. 

Please be sure to include you email address on the application for a response from the Food Service Department once your application has been processed. 

Alternatively, you may download and print the form to complete and submit to District Office or any school.

Food Service

Our Food Services Department takes pride in ensuring that our students receive the quality, nutritious meals they need in order to learn. We know that the right balance of carbohydrates, protein, and fats helps our students have good health as well as perform better in school.

Our goal as a department is to provide healthy, well-balanced meals to our students, as well as to educate parents and students about eating nutritious and healthy foods.