Integrated Pest Management Annual Public Notice

It is the policy of Tenino School District that the health and safety of students and staff shall be of primary concern when pesticides are used to control weeds, molds, moss, fungi, rodents, insects and other unwanted pests.

Pesticide applications will be made by trained District employees or commercial pest control applicators. District employees will obtain appropriate licenses when required by the District.

Contracted commercial pest control applicators will be reviewed and approved by the District before they are assigned to work in the District. Commercial pest control applicators will be required to provide certificates for their applicators and records of applications.

The District will provide notification at least 48 hours before applying a pesticide if school will be in session. This notification will be posted in a prominent place in the main office of the school/site. In addition, areas that have been treated for pest control will be posted if applicable.

Notification will be distributed to interested persons who arrange to be notified by email or phone with the District. (Call 360-264-3400 to make arrangements for this notification).

Pre-notification is not required for application of antimicrobial pesticides of the placements or rodent baits that are not accessible to children.

Pesticides applied on a regular basis include (but not limited to) are herbicides, moss killers, insect sprays, Raid Wasp and Hornet Killer (or equal), d-con bait pellets, ant bait. Other pesticides may be used on an occasional basis.

The District applies pesticides to classrooms, restrooms, food handling areas, offices, greenhouses, playgrounds and athletic fields. The District Shall maintain pesticide application records for seven (7) years from the date of application.

The District will also provide an annual summary of pesticide use for the preceding calendar year. The records and summary can be obtained by contacting Teninio Maintenance and Operations department either by email Glen Fleming or phone 360-264-3518.