Tenino Middle School Knight of the Arts Award Winners

Tenino Middle School held its first annual Knight of the Arts at the end of May.  Seventh and eighth graders displayed three works of art and attached artist statements for each work, while sixth graders produced two art pieces accompanied with statements.  Over one hundred fifty  student artists had their work on display.

Front Row: Cheyenne Lehew, Morgaine Hilton, Wyatt Johnson, Sarah Tennyson, 

Kallie Lindgren, Elizabeth Duarte, Kylie Gonia.  Back Row:  Isabel Steketee, Rory Marchesano-Ricker, Angela Wagner, Bridgette Duncan, Bradlie Cook, Phoenix Kelton, Jalen Woods,          Brityn Pontius.

Not Pictured:  Jacob Pruett, Eila Kamauoha, Emmalynn Dreher, Felix Fairbanks.